Idgit comics uploaded

I just uploaded all of the Idgit comics that I created back in high school (1995-1996).
They are about 15 years old now, so don’t be too hard on me. Enjoy.

Both chapters of Idgit were done when I was in high school while attending a weekly Sequential Art class taught by Mike Keeny and Chris Chapman. It was a great class and helped me see comics as bigger than superheros. Completed in 1995-1996, Idgit was the first comic book I completed.

Idgit is about a young teenager from another world that finds himself transported to world very unlike his own.
Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Idgit : Chapter 1 : Episode 4 (1995)

This is episode 4 from my Idgit comic started back in 1995

Idgit : Chapter 1 : Episode 2 (1995)

Idgit : Chapter 1 : episode 1 (1995)

Here is the first page from Idgit, a comic I started back in 1995 in high school. The plan is to start posting these old comics.