Yukon Cornelius inks

Started working on some stuff for Christmas. Yukon Cornelius is a character from the classic Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

A Christmas Card I made a few years back

This was a family Christmas card I made a couple years ago. What is crazy is we ended up not being able to send it out. I figured it might be worth sharing.

drawing some crazy hair tonight

I saw a photo of a crazy messy bun of hair and thought it would be a cool exercise to try to draw it. I’m hoping to try to ink it soon. I think it will be good workout for my ink and brush.

drawing of a small bird waiting for breakfast

in what seems like an ever expanding social networking …uh.. network. Here comes
Go check it out.

sketches at my desk from today

a tiger drawing for tonight

me trying to draw a horse this morning

some ink and brush drawings

Trying to get back into using a brush to ink my drawings.