first drawing of the new year… the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy

I had a nice geek night last night. Drew this while re-watching the first few episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Also broke in my new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. That little thing is pretty awesome.

Sketches at Long Beach Aquarium

Here are some quick sketches from the Long beach Aquarium. I never had tool long to sit in one place with the kids wanted to move on to the next thing, but it was a great time. God sure has made some beautiful things under the sea. I can’t to go back. I am particularly proud of my Spider Crab. i spent some extra time on that one. The sketch of Mira worked out well too.

A Drawing for the 12 Days of Christmas: December 26th

I’ve been interested in the season of Christmas as the period between the 25th and Epiphany, otherwise known as the 12 days of Christmas. Although I did not know much more than the well known song, there are quite a lot ways the twelve days of Christmas are celebrated throughout the world.

The 26th is known as St. Stephen’s Day. The three stones represent the stoning and martyrdom of St. Stephen. The day is also known as Wren Day. The Wren and the drum represent Wren Day. The 26th is also Boxing day. Traditionally on Boxing day the noble class give gifts to the servant class. Also the church would traditionally open their collection boxes to the poor on Boxing day. The gift box in the picture represents Boxing day.

The Pirate Map I made for my kids

My son needed some dress-up clothes to compete with his big sister, so for Christmas I made a pirate costume for him. This was a map I made out of some scrap leather.

Merry Christmas from Yukon Cornelius and a Songs for the Box playlist

Merry Christmas everyone!

Every year I make a mix CD for my siblings. It started from a “Box Set” of CDs I made them when they got their first car.

I call it “Songs for the Box”

I drew this Yukon Cornelius as the “cover art” for the CD.

And here is the playlist if anyone is interested.
01 Young Blood by The Naked and the Famous
02 Life’s a happy Song by The Muppets
03 Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes
04 Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra
05 Slow Your Breath Down by Future Forestry
06 Oh My Love by Riz Ortolani (feat. Katyna Ranieri)
07 Satellite by The Kills
08 L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N by Noah and the Whale
09 Steven McQueen by M83
10 A Real Hero by College (feat. Electric Youth)
11 The World is Goin Up in Flames by Charles Bradly
12 Wonderwall (Oasis Cover) by Maverick Sabre
13 Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine
14 Brain Damage (Eminem cover) by Laura Marling and Jeff Lewis
15 Video Games by Lana Del Ray
16 In Bloom (Nirvana cover) by mewithoutYou
17 People by David Bazan
18 Lakehouse by Of Monsters and Men
19 Hold On to What You Believe (live) by Mumford and Sons
20 This Is Not the End by Gungor

Go hunt down those songs and have a wonderful Christmas Day!!

Here is another version:

May Christ bring Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love this Christmas and through the new year.

Yukon Cornelius inks

Started working on some stuff for Christmas. Yukon Cornelius is a character from the classic Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

A Christmas Card I made a few years back

This was a family Christmas card I made a couple years ago. What is crazy is we ended up not being able to send it out. I figured it might be worth sharing. is now

For years now my website has always been , which was based off a character I came up with in high school. I still love the character and someday his time and space hoping adventures will continue. However, it makes more sense at this time to “rename” the site

“under-the-hood” everything will remain the same. All the links will still link to “” pages in order to retain old links.

So, there you go, welcome to the

drawing some crazy hair tonight

I saw a photo of a crazy messy bun of hair and thought it would be a cool exercise to try to draw it. I’m hoping to try to ink it soon. I think it will be good workout for my ink and brush.

New Celebrity Poker fundraiser film uploaded on

My wedding and event film business, and Children’s Institute, Inc. hav just released the video I made for their Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament fundraiser. I had a great time working with CII on this project. I did all the filming and editing. Also, a special thanks to Joshua Black Wilkins for letting me use his song, Queen of Diamonds