Hotel Transylvania fifty percent complete illustration

We are wrapping up the last remaining cloth and hair tasks for Hotel Transylvania. A few months back when we hit our 50 percent complete mark, I made buttons for the cloth and hair crew with this illustration on the buttons.

Old presentation I did on Dir. of Photography Conrad Hall.

Years ago I had to do a project on a Director of Photography for a school project. I was digging through my website and I found the webpage I made for the project.

There is still a lot of cool info and video clips on Conrad Hall on the page, so I figured I would repost it here.

New Celebrity Poker fundraiser film uploaded on

My wedding and event film business, and Children’s Institute, Inc. hav just released the video I made for their Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament fundraiser. I had a great time working with CII on this project. I did all the filming and editing. Also, a special thanks to Joshua Black Wilkins for letting me use his song, Queen of Diamonds