Visual Effects

.outMesh .inMesh

Another cool Maya bit.

connectAttr -f objectA.outMesh objectB.inMesh

This command will make objectB a copy of objectA as it appears with all transforms at Zero. It basically takes the output geometry of objectA and pumps it into objectB

ObjectB will get all the deformations of ObejctA. However, the translations, rotations, and scales of the two objects remains seperate.

It’s up to you to figure out what to do with this bit of knowledge.

Clusters that Follow

One problem I have had with using Clusters in Maya is that if you parent them into the rig then you get a double transform on the vertices in the Cluster. But here is a solution I learned today.
1. select your verts, create your cluster
2. Assuming it’s named cluster1(default name), type in the following:

connectAttr -f cluster1Handle.pim;

This will connect cluster1Handle.parentInverseMatrix to cluster1.bindPreMatrix.

3. Group the Cluster and then parent it into the rig.

The cluster will now follow the rig, without double transforming.